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The Association of Swedish Language Consultants

Information about Ess in English
On this page you will find some basic information in English about Ess, the association of Swedish language consultants.

What is Ess and who are our members?
Ess is a non-profit professional association for Swedish language consultants. Our members are experts in written Swedish with particular focus on clarity and plain language, always writing with the audience in mind. All our members have an academic degree from the language consultancy programme of the universities of Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm or Umeå.

What is the purpose of Ess?
Our purpose is to support our members in
– working for Swedish that is written in plain language
– staying updated about the development of the Swedish language
– participating in the debate of the Swedish language, that is the Swedish used by authorities, the business sector and organizations
– strengthening their professional identity
– promoting the profession.

What does Ess do? 
We arrange many events, for example
– conferences, both for our members and for the public
– workshops and seminars, in order to further develop the knowledge and skills of our members
– social get-togethers for our members.

Ess promotes plain language internationally
We exchange experiences with international organizations working with plain language, such as Plain and Clarity.

Do you want to contact Ess?
Contact Anna Maria Resare, our chairperson: ordforande@sprakkonsult.se. 

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